Big Data, Metrics Collection and Analytics


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A lot of information (maybe too much ?) provided in nice manner.Guide about where to look when big data is on horizon, highlighting successful solutions.

Great introductory, but I'd dedicate more time to explaining concepts and use cases, rather than doing hands-on

Anonymous at 20:37 on 22 Nov 2012

A lot of new information, very impressive. And a finally learned what this map reduce thing is actually about :-)

Got a big bunch of new buzzwords, technologies and impressive stuff you can do.

Great talk, even though I don't see the point of the demo, it was done way too fast.

Anonymous at 09:27 on 23 Nov 2012

Excellent talk, motiviating me to look into the Hadoop for our data collection

Anonymous at 11:21 on 23 Nov 2012

Regardless that most listeners (including me) will most likely not need to have to deal with BigData problems anytime soon the talk was really interesting and fun to listen to. Demo was nice too.

Even though I might not get in touch with big data in the near future, this talk was really good and gave me an insight of how the big ones (facebook, twitter, etc.) handle big data.

Great talk, you see real experience and knowledge of the speaker. Too much data though, it was easy to get lost in all these new terms.

Anonymous at 18:02 on 23 Nov 2012

very impressive facts. very cool presentation.
although in my every day work life i don't handle more than 1gb of data its very good to know what would be the right way

Anonymous at 23:24 on 23 Nov 2012

Very impressive presentation. I have to say the scope of this problem is really wide. Hopefully, we've got some names to google against it.

Anonymous at 11:59 on 24 Nov 2012

Too much new information and hard to keep the most important points in mind (except: check hadoop).

Very nice slides and keyword dropping for own research in hadoop/big data analysis

This was one of the finest talks in means of holding a speak. David Zülke has an excellent way of performing on the stage and transposing some new and partially academic stuff to an audience.

Anonymous at 13:39 on 25 Nov 2012

Very good presentation skills, probably the best of the whole conference - as well as a very interesting topic David was presenting. Well worth to listen, even if this was not you most favourite topic (which it is for me, so kind of biased maybe).

I saw this talk on PHPBNL12 and it was better. It had more details (like on HDFS). And the demo with multiple laptops was awesome. Now, some things got rushed trough. Nice that there were new tools/projects at the end of the talk. Maybe you just need to get more time for this talk. Also, there was no time for questions left.

It was not supposed to be the same talk about only Hadoop, Tom :) But yes, there's so much stuff to talk about and so little time... :(

Anonymous at 16:48 on 25 Nov 2012

This presentation gave me a lot of things to look up, and reminded me how interesting this topic is! I do think some of it would have been better backed up with illustrations, there were a lot of numbers and concepts, and personally I grasp things better when I see a picture how it works. I still remember parts of the talk, and what I will use the information for - and it's been days since the presentation, so good job:).

very nice talk about a very interesting topic

Excellent presentation and a wealth of information about topics that are more and more relevant even if you are not Facebook. Got lots of reading to do now.

To me this was maybe the best talk during the two days in Berlin. Perfectly prepared and a very interesting topic.