Modernisation of legacy PHP applications using Symfony2


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Anonymous at 12:04 on 23 Nov 2012

Great talk, with some information underlining my thoughts I already had on this problem

very nice talk

Very good talk. I think many companies could profit from a modernisation in that way.

Anonymous at 12:16 on 23 Nov 2012

Good talk! Good to see there are prarical altertatives to a sudden rewrite regarding business values as well as technical issues.

Interessting aspects for migrating legacy applications.

Good stuff! Got me interested in - yes, I know, that was only a side remark on one of the slides, but good for me!

This type of refactoring is hardcore stuff. You have all my respect for doing it!

Very nice talk, very useful for a lot of people.

Very nice insight into the draedfull task of migrating legacy applications.

Anonymous at 17:33 on 23 Nov 2012

Very helpful real life approach well presented

Anonymous at 18:03 on 23 Nov 2012

Anonymous at 10:41 on 24 Nov 2012

Good talk. Fortunately I don't have this problem, but I talked to lots of people who have.

Anonymous at 12:08 on 24 Nov 2012

Successful balance between praising Theodo and actually exposing useful tips for doing it without you guys! ;-)

Very interesting talk. Very well presented. Would be absolutely interested in the bundle that was mentioned to be released in the near future.

Interesting talk with not too much new input - maybe a bit too much advertising for theodoo

Anonymous at 20:07 on 24 Nov 2012

Good and well delivered talk. I would like it even more if it were more technical. Nonetheless it was interesting and I will surely look into the Theodo bundle that was mentioned.

useful information on what to check and how to plan if performing a progressive rewrite. Interested in the bundles to be released.

Anonymous at 13:46 on 25 Nov 2012

Very inspiring - though certainly needs some work to implement with your own legacy projects. Speaker had good presentation skills.

Progressive rewrite is the way to go. I didn't know about the existing bundles. Good talk! Nice examples.

Anonymous at 16:53 on 25 Nov 2012

Best talk in whole meeting IMO

Anonymous at 19:03 on 25 Nov 2012

Interesting and relevant topic, with lots of hands-on examples and illustrations. It was presented well too. Thanks!

Excellent speaker, very interesting and useful topic. I can even forgive the advertising bit ;-)

very interesting talk!

Excellent breakdown of the migration process. I had high expectations of this talk and was not disappointed. Most useful talk of the entire conference for me personally.
Please keep sharing your experiences with this process!!

Good speaker, interesting topic, nice examples. Thanks!