Practical REST - Hypermedia Application Development with Symfony


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Loved the talk. I guess it is one of the most important in the Symfony community this year. Not much about REST (but still), but great examples of controller good practices, RAD and OOP.

Great well prepared talk, many good ideas for creating slim controllers, especially (but not only) for REST applications. Good work guys!

Nice talk! Learned new simple tricks :)

Anonymous at 15:44 on 23 Nov 2012

Liked the talk, I'll hopefully remember it the next time I have to implement anything REST-related.

Very good talk, confirmed all that we currently use in our API is done right.

Got some good ideas on how to improve my api.

Anonymous at 18:03 on 23 Nov 2012

Enjoyed. Seriously. But got sad when heard that we should consider data retrieval in the view. Not really good idea, IMHO.

Anonymous at 10:45 on 24 Nov 2012

Even if you did not plan on doing a rest API, still an excellent insight on how to avoid code duplication in controllers and some best practices for your own project setup.

@Marcin: With Twig Extensions we can maintain some separation, also in some cases its possible to do lazy fetches via the model instances you pass to the view and by using JMSSerializerBundle "groups" to prevent following relations you don't want to show up in the xml/json. Web dev isnt about being puristic, we have to stay pragmatic .. for example doing an "is_granted" check in the view is also ok ..

Now if you really dont want this, then you can of course add conditional statements into your controller. If they can be generalized you can also add them to the ViewHandler of FOSRestBundle.

Anonymous at 20:07 on 24 Nov 2012

Great talk! The most important thing for me was the encouragement to propose own conventions. Symfony2 avoids to rely on 'magic' elements as opposed to Symfony1 as there is no magic can suit everyone. But that shouldn't prevent developers from inventing their own magic tricks in their own projects or bundles. Personally I don't like 'annotations magic' (it seems to me that using annotations such as @Template somehow mixes Controller and View layers), but idea of extracting ControllerUtils is something I would definitely recommed.

@Marcin: I believe you ARE doing data retrieval in view layer anyway. For example when you include render statement in your Twig template that should display info about the user that is logged in and the template engine calls some controller that fetches the related data from the session. So there is realy no conceptual difference between this approach and adding some Twig filters or functions that would do the same. And it is in most cases better than preparing in the main controller data that may event not be displayed sometimes.

Great talk. Thank you Lukas and Benjamin.

Informative presentation how to prepare / use Symfony 2 for REST. Well presented.

Anonymous at 13:48 on 25 Nov 2012

A bit more hands on with symfony would have been good, but the talk gave a good understanding of the concepts behind RESTful applications.

Presentation was good.

I thought it was hard to follow this talk because of the contrast between the two speakers. Lukas was a lot easier to follow. I agree with a lot of the content they presented, especially the controller best practises, and it had lots of good tips. I hope you put the slides up!

Very interesting talk, which will certainly be helpful to me in future projects. I have to dig a little more into all the mentioned Bundles.

Excellent overview of the available REST features in SF2 and related bundles. The dual speaker idea is generally good, but in this case I found the contrast between the two styles a bit distracting (Lukas was very fluid and Benjamin no so much).

There were some really nice and useful examples. Good job!

Anonymous at 15:51 on 29 Nov 2012

I also enjoyed the talk, had no problems with the two speakers. This talk covered some topics currently very important in one of my projects.

Please guys - PUT THE SLIDE UP!

Thanks, Timm

We are having some technical problems with accessing the slides, no powercord for the laptop (lost). Will be online tonight.