Security and AOP in Symfony2


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Anonymous at 13:05 on 23 Nov 2012

I'd like to have more information why AOP has been used and the key concepts of AOP. In my opinion, the talk has been very linear. I'm not aware of the aspects I really should remember.

Well structured, well prepared, learned a lot. THX

Very interesting stuff, I learned a *lot*. Thanks!

Anonymous at 18:03 on 23 Nov 2012

cant wait to aop. also the speak confirmed our approach to implement it.

cant wait to aop. also the speak confirmed our approach to implement it.

Anonymous at 10:42 on 24 Nov 2012

For me more some insight on how Symfony2 works internally. A little too detailed on some points, but still very interesting.

Anonymous at 12:05 on 24 Nov 2012

Interesting topic, nice informations, but a bit too detailed to keep everything in mind after the talk.
And - sorry - you need to work on your speech techniques, it got too monotonous and I saw some guys dozing off. Pity, because you can explain well.

I think a bit too much input in very high frequency. Made it a bit hard to follow to the end.

a bit too detailed and monotone - thanks for all your work anyway

Anonymous at 20:07 on 24 Nov 2012

Interesting talk on an important subject. Quite difficult to absorb so I look forward to the moment when the slides will be available online.

This was probably one of the best talks of the conference. It brought one of the hardest concepts with a suberb way to the audience.

Good presentation of a very complex component.

Anonymous at 13:47 on 25 Nov 2012

Good talk though you had to have a good understanding of security concepts, role based access models, etc. So i can imagine not easy for everybody.

Good speaker.

For me, this is a very complex component. So, don't just say what all the classes are for (there are docs for that). Just highlight the most important ones and glance over the rest. Show more code / demo / cases / examples in the talk. The component seems great but I still have trouble getting my mind around it.

very complex subject. it was hard for me to follow. maybe more code examples would explain the stuff better.

The overall structure of this talk was good, as I always new where in the talk we were. Unfortunately, the diagrams were unclear at times, and there was a lot covered in too short a time. Also, it's a nice gesture to the audience to explain acronyms (especially if they are in the title). The topic is highly relevant, and if I had seen this last year it would have saved me a lot of time!

Good talk, interessting topic. The talk was probably giving a compelete overview over the JMSSecurityExtraBundle. I was missing some depth by examples.

Really good stuff in scant time. Thanks 4 all given information.

Really good stuff in scant time. Thanks 4 all given information.

Given the fact that the security component is incredibly complex, there might not have been a better way to present this, but I would have liked something a bit higher level.
It was easy to get lost in the details and all the moving parts.

Interesting topic, many useful informations. The presentation itself was maybe too detailed but I hope the slides will be available soon.
Please, next time try to avoid this "basically" :)