Symfony and eZ Publish: Let's have a trip together


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Good inside into turning legacy projects into symfony2 projects.

Anonymous at 18:43 on 22 Nov 2012

Anonymous at 20:34 on 22 Nov 2012

I did like to have more information on the legacy to symfony part, the rest was a bit too theoretical imho.

Nice feedback on transforming legacy code into Symfony love. Although I missed some details on how the new shiny stuff was realized.

Maybe a bit more insights regarding Symfony 2 besides the legacy/sandbox implementation would be interesting.

Anonymous at 09:29 on 23 Nov 2012

Great to see more and more projects collaborating. Hope to see eZ adopt and contribute to PHPCR!

Anonymous at 10:14 on 23 Nov 2012

Interesting casestudy. A little more background introduction on ez publish would have been nice

Anonymous at 23:23 on 23 Nov 2012

Before the talk I had no idea of the lambda's usefulness in migrating from legacy/non-symfony application to Symfony full stack / Symfony Components based infrastructure.

Anonymous at 12:05 on 24 Nov 2012

Sorry, not so interested in eZ.

Really interesting approaches to deal with legacy projects.

Good talk to show the power of the 2nd Version to encapsulate "silently" and laverage an application in means of bc.

Anonymous at 13:37 on 25 Nov 2012

Good talk giving inspiration to have legacy code live inside sf2. Presentation skills good, although slight problems with the english language (given the french background of the speaker).

Nice case study. Not knowing eZ publish at all, the talk was accessible enough for me. Maybe add a small eZ publish demo.

Anonymous at 16:50 on 25 Nov 2012

great talk! very interesing point that we're now in the ages where projects share code between each other!
nice chat with you guy on the ez publish desk the day after!

The talk was good and contained useful information about converting legacy code. Would have liked a bit more detail on the actual conversion and a bit less of the eZpub details. But considering it was a sponsor talk I have no complaints.

Anonymous at 15:56 on 29 Nov 2012

Well presented hands-on talk on an important topic for all php developers. Please put the slides up, Jérôme! Thanks