Workshop I - Testable Code


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Anonymous at 17:02 on 22 Nov 2012

thanks it was very nice.
I got a lot of ideas how to make our software now more testable and how to refactor to do so. You give me a lot of priciples and practises about the architecture that is expected for a good test. Now I know better about the differences of the tests and that something like packages for analyse abstraction and instabilities by PHP depend is needed in PHP. So I will get much fun to refactor our software.

Thanks and with best regards,

Ralph Zickert
MeinAuto GmbH

Great Workshop, thank you very much!!
On a minor note: Personally I didn't need the long warmup and motivation to learn about testable code. Being in the workshop I already expressed my full motivation. However, as I also sometimes teach testing I paid close attention anyway. And yes, there were some aspects that I will keep in mind for the future.
I loved the small group discussions and practice sessions!
Thank you, way to go!

Thanks for this great workshop. However some more code examples and practical exercises would have been better. I loved the discussions between both of you as they showed up the different ideas and aspects of a topic. Some side notes (class packaging, test case grouping...) which were not mentioned on the slides were also quite interessting.
The last chapters about instability and abstraction were very theoretical and the explanations were very fast. Maybe you could place an exercise there slowing the whole stuff a little bit down.