Cloud and evolution of the Microsoft platform


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I actually expected a bigger emphasis on how Azure works and in what ways you can work with it. The history lesson about how Microsoft has improved was interesting but made me lose my attention before the subject arrived which I actually came for.
I also thought the presentation to be somewhat static because the speakers remained sitting behind their desks.
With this said, the history was clear and interesting.

Honnestly I dont't know wat this conference was doing there. It was more a marketing conference where Microsoft was saying that they are now able to do what other do for a long time.
When IIS and SQL server will be Open Source I think it will be interesting...

It was only a commercial talk.

The Microsoft guys did not ask themselves beforehand what the audience could be interested in, to hear or learn from them. My concentration also lacked after because they spoke so much about themselves and their internal problems. Having no doubt that this is true, I think it's simply not addressing any topical aspect of the conference nor interesting to the audience in any other way.
So it resulted in a talk that was - at least understood to be - a marketing talk and didn't fit with the topics of the conference.
One more thing: a speaker shall please never ever blame a poor Internet connection as an excuse - either you want to demonstrate something and prepare anything needed for this (e.g. offline copy or whatever), or just leave it. Sorry for these less nice statements...

Sorry to say but this presentation was kinda useless on this conference. Althought there were some Windows users, I think the most don't use any Microsoft products on their servers... so kinda missing the whole thing here...

Completely irrelevant. Microsoft should have related it to Symfony, and not just made it an ad for themselves. Waste of time.

something was inspiring little bit..

i did not even attend, irrelevant,
that's what bad sponsors are all about...

Anonymous at 10:32 on 21 Feb 2010

BTW, where's symfony ?

Thanks for sponsoring the event but it wasn't a convincing presentation for me. If the aim was to persuade us to move to the Microsoft platform for development and deployment I won't be doing that any time soon.