Introduction to Git


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this was very fast and it worst it!

It was a bit fast but it was great presentation if you read the "Pro Git" book or already had some basic idea about what Git is.

Thought the presentation was perfect - I have no experience of Git but it gave a great overview of the key concepts and I can go find more details online. Thanks, Scott.

Ps. Why is it called "Git"? It's not a very pleasant name!

Have been using Subversion for a few years, but have been interested in trying Git. I found this presentation to be very clear and understandable, and highlighted all the reasons why I should be using Git rather than subversion. Well presented, laid out and timed. Not at all too complicated, and not at all too simple either.

I'll move to Git. Hope to see you again at phpDay ;)

fast but very clear for beginners

Anonymous at 11:37 on 21 Feb 2010

Great presentation, excellent speaker.
Maybe a bit too fast (workflows are new to most of subversion's users)

Awesome speaker + fantastic product = great presentation