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Really liked it. Got some insights I haven't had before the talk.

interesting topic, but the lack of visuals made me drowsy. minus for delivery; difficult to understand sometimes.

Talk was ok, but perhaps the subject is not best suited to a spoken presentation? If you're interested in the _code_ it would probably be easier to read it on your own time - for an oral presentation might be better to have a more visual approach using diagrams to demonstrate the flow of the code?

Would definitely agree that visual presentation was lacking, but otherwise very interesting and a job well done. Especially considering it was presented in a foreign language! Merci ;)

I had trouble hearing what was said (though in Geoffrey's defense, I am slightly hearing impaired) and thus missed half of what was said.
The content which I did hear did not seem to form a coherent whole, or at least I did not recognize it.
A shame because I think the speaker really had a message to confer.
Additionally I had hoped to hear more about factories and filters and what their role is in the big picture.

it was quite hard to understand, it would help if you can speak slower. I was also expecting it to be a bit more advanced.

It was very interesting, and the speaker really knows his subject, but the presentation was not that good ... too bad :(

didn't understand much of it...

Geoffrey's "dialect" of speaking english was sometimes hard to understand, so speaking a bit slower would have helped a lot.
Considering the facts that this topic is so vastly big, Geoffrey's knowledge on it, and that he did already write some very good stuff in the latest SF book, I guess he in this speech could have focused on a few specifics only, into which he could enter more in detail. Going through virtually everything ended up jumping from one to the other a bit too fast for the audience - sometimes less is really more.
Of course all this is easier said than done... thanks anyway for your engagement.

I couldn't understand him and couldn't follow him because He changed the slides to fast...

It would have been better if there was some more graphic support in the talk, accompanied with the lack of english pronounciation it was hard to follow, and not quite as interesting as I hoped it was! But thanks nevertheless!

Should have included much more code.

not enough advanced, also Geoffrey was difficult to understand :(

difficult to understand, too many things with no added value compared to the written documentation

I hope that he is not always so fast!
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Anonymous at 10:09 on 21 Feb 2010

This presentation was too "OK, you have this, you can do that", and too fast.
Maybe you could spend more time on some points, showing some real world examples ?
It was also lacking of diagrams.
I felt a bit disappointed, because this subject is very interesting.

I enjoyed the presentation but it did leave me wanting. Just brushed over some stuff, would like to have seen examples.