Easy Backends with Symfony2 and the SonataAdminBundle


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A great advert for Apple when Lineke's laptop crashed down onto the stage but kept on trucking afterwards!

This was a good talk which demonstrated what you can quickly get out of the bundle, and gave enough of a 'taster' to want to check it out further myself.

This was one of the first talks on my list due to a real interest in using it.
I left feeling informed and encouraged about giving it a go.

However I felt that it could have covered more in the time frame such as how to handle many to many definitions (not just the result on screen), custom theming and how to easily extend/integrate your own features (with a practical example).

A good intro to this powerful bundle.
Provided a nice quick look at some of the options.

A good introduction to the bundle, but I would've liked a couple of "and here's a really cool thing you can do" examples.

A nice introduction into the Sonata Admin Bundle. Will definitely be looking into this bundle in the future, and some really nice features were covered

A nice introduction, but didn't really leave me excited or that impressed by the bundle. I'm sure it does so more magical things that if included, might have left me more intrigued.

The AdminBundle is a very complex topic as the bundle provides a lot of features. And Lineke's talk was a very nice introduction on the subject.