Full Stack BDD for Symfony2


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Very entertaining, and stretching - most informative talk of the day. Good work!

The first half was an insightful and passionate talk about good perspectives on "testing" (in quotes as a major point was that to focus on 'testing' rather than 'behaviour' can be a trap).

However, things went scarily off the rails with the live demo, which was confusing as hell. I'm sure that this new tool(s) makes BDD effortlessly transparent & quickly implementable in Symfony, but it wasn't clear what they were doing or where they were going (and I'm not sure, but they seemed confused on how to use the toolset they just wrote?!?)

This would have gone smoother if they'd prepared the codebase in advance, and shown how to progress from "an empty Symfony app" through to a failing test to passing tests, using something like GitHub compare.

If I could give this 2.5 stars, I would - if only for the philosophical insight of "failure is a way of life, as it shows you what to fix" :)

I have to agree with John and Peter - the best talk by far, but very hard to follow the demo. I was hoping to do as Marcello suggested and follow the commit log on Github, but the link to the repo in the slides 404s :o(

Hey Michey, Thanks for pointing that out. For some reason Keynote kept the old hyperlink we used for the first round (private repo). Even after we changed the Hyperlink text, the actual link didn't change. I am re-uploading the slides. Take care.

Great! Looking at where you got to in the commit logs, it is a real shame that you didn't have a longer session, but being able to work through your example myself in this way is a perfect supplement. Thanks Marcello & Konstantin for a great talk :o)

The fastest-paced and most energetic talk of the day! Both of you showed the passion you have for testing and in particular BDD, and the slides were great. I enjoyed the history and lead-up - the live demo was slightly tricky to follow from the back of the room but others have commented on that. Very engaging though!

The best talk for me. PHPSpec2 probably will be really great (but why not camelCase ;) ) Demo was amazing cause of vim usage level presented by Everzet. I realized too that i am doing some wrong things in behat. Really thanks!

Definitely the highlight of the conference for me.
A fantastic presentation by two very passionate guys.
It's a talk that makes you want to go and write code (and tests!) straight away.

Well done!

And agreed, Everzet is a vim wizard!

I spent the first half of the presentation wondering when PHPSpec2 would show up, but was happily surprised when Konstantin and Marcello introduced it during the course of the demo. For a live demo, things worked out quite well, and it did a great job conveying the purpose of both tools.

Konstantin's Vim bindings were the star of the show, as it'd have been impossible to cover so much code (from scratch!) in so little time. As excellent as the content was, I think the speakers do need to work on coordination. There were several points where Marcello was pushing forward and/or Konstantin couldn't get a word in.

Quite a white-knuckle ride! I was lucky enough to be sitting at the front, so could see all the CLI and vim action at the bottom of the screen otherwise I'd have been frustrated that I couldn't see what was going on.

I hadn't looked at PHPSpec before so it was very useful to see how that could be used to help BDD. A
number of people said that Behat was on their 'to do list' of things to explore and whilst I appreciate that Marcello and/or Konstantin have done a more basic talk many times before, a number of people present might have appreciated this too.

But full marks for giving a high-energy and high-inspiration talk.

By far the best talk of the day. Informative, entertaining, enthusiastic and a great introduction to Behat and BDD.

Loved it!

The best talk of the conference. I was lucky to be in the front row, so could see the code easily to follow what was going on. I left feeling absolutely inspired! Great talk, well presented. The speakers both had such obvious passion towards the subject matter, I found it very engaging.


Great talk from these two, who made a good double act. It was a bit erratic at times, but they handled it really well and the talk gave the tools the credit they deserve.

Would be interesting to see this talk the second or third time, I imagine everything would be smoother, but that may take away some of the character!

Looking forward to seeing phpspec2 get a point release :)

Anonymous at 00:28 on 7 Dec 2012

Hey, I recently started using Behat und symfony2 and I love it thus far.

I would really love to see a video of the talk you gave on BDD and Behat. Has this talk been recorded and if so could someone please give me the link?

Thanks in advance!