Silex Anatomy


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I'm new both to Silex and Symfony, so there was quite a lot to take in, but when we got into the details of the demo project there was plenty of food for thought.

I think I'd have liked a little more structure, e.g. explaining exactly what we could expect to learn, demonstrating it, and then re-capping the key points.

Anonymous at 14:34 on 14 Sep 2012

Really enjoyed this talk.

I'm quite new to Symfony2 and found it really helpful with understanding how components can be taken apart and put back together (or not put back in at all). And some fancy use of the DI container and event system.

Some further expanded examples would have been great, but maybe a subject for a more advanced talk.

The talk needs a bit more polishing, I got the feeling you started enjoying writing the code for the talk too much!

On the positive, enjoyed looking at the code, and I think you could make a better talk out of it.