Simple Searching with ElasticSearch


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Well structured and prepared talk, building up from first principles, through to integration in Symfony.

Very enjoyable, informative and well split between the presenters.

I felt the case as to 'why' could have been more compulsive.

I also felt that the depths of the functionality were covered a little to early for an SF2 developer. I would have appreciated these more advanced features after seeing how it hangs together in a way that I will use.

Interesting talk. You both made the topic of "yet another search tool" informative without going too heavy - made it very clear as to the power of ES. The Symfony2 integration detail was also good. I felt perhaps the back-and-forth between the both of you could have been a bit more structured; it felt slightly awkward at times, but the topic was well prepared nonetheless. Thanks!

Interesting topic with many details. IMO you can focus more on symfony usage instead of plain PHP. Stuff to do it as separate doctrine odm driver is good really.

Really nice introduction, I've used Solr before and have ElasticSearch pencilled in as a to do for my current project, this talk inspired me to bump it up the list a little.