Symfony, What's Next?


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I felt honoured to hear from Fabien.

I enjoyed the delivery and subject matter, it felt like a brief glimpse into his thinking.

My only criticism would be that I had hoped for a little more enthusiasm towards the event and attendees themselves as a mark of the first big event in London and the excitement that the majority felt - especially as it was the closing keynote.

Anonymous at 22:58 on 14 Sep 2012

Agreed, the enthusiasm could have been better, but regardless the talk was very informative and enjoyable, good to hear what's in store for the framework and where we're heading.

Fabien as always gave us a good insight into the future plans for the framework - I guess a talk about a release process must be tricky to keep it engaging, but it came across well. The questions at the end was also a good idea; clearly Fabien likes to keep his preferred clothing labels secret ;-)

Great as always. Thanks for notices of symfony 3 oh wait it was 4 right? ;) And great french look of course :)

Another good talk from Fabien, as anyone 'involved' in the community knows, he clearly understands how to make things work from this point of view.
Transparency and discussion between everyone are really key and he gets that!

I appreciated how the keynote started off with an appeal to help Kris Wallsmith. As much as we enjoy social events or Sensio Connect badges, that's truly a greater example of community where it matters most.

I think an essential component of Fabien's keynotes, for better or worse, is something new to unveil. The release cycle discussion was highly relevant, especially on the heals of 2.1 and leading into Drupal 8's feature freeze later this year.

Taking question was an excellent idea and I hope to see that again at future conferences (I assume we have Lorna or the Sensio UK guys to thank for that).

Enjoyed the talk, even though it was a more informative keynote, I generally prefer the inspiring side of things.