Symfony2 on Amazon Web Services


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Anonymous at 13:42 on 14 Sep 2012

wrong slides page?

Traditionally, we post comments *after* the talk, in which case this link would make more sense.

Anonymous at 16:23 on 14 Sep 2012

Best talk of Symfony Live London

Very nice talk, I didn't have any experience about AWS and I really enjoyed it anyway!

Love the ascii art "slides" and the idea. Really creative again. You are a great speaker. Too bad the ratio of the images isn't correct when you upload an image.

easily best talk I attended today, nice style and a very informative way to present a command-line driven presentation. Excellent stuff!

Awesome presentation! Best talk of the conference!

Excellent approach. Great to see a visual demonstration / reminder of the power of pure command-line operation - I wonder how many people launch chrome from a console...

It could have been even better with a compelling introduction but the time-frame was understandably tight.

You also asked halfway through whether it was too slow and you should speed up. It was easily the fastest paced talk I attended. If anything I would increase explanation rather than speed it up.

Anonymous at 22:46 on 14 Sep 2012

Ashamed to say I drifted in and out of this a little during the talk, it's hard to focus on a code presentation for the full length, but overall as with the consensus I thought this was a great talk, really good as an intro to Elastic BeanStalk, and how easy it is to go about setting up a project in a production environment on it.

Great talk - good overview without getting bogged down explaining every line to the nth-degree - just what was needed to make the point. I'd echo what others have said, best talk of the day.

A great talk by a great speaker. Nicely covered the upsides, downsides and technical details without ever getting bogged down by intricacies. You seem to have a knack for explaining what we need/want to know without any superfluous fluff; I think the pacing was perfect.

Best talk of the day.