Things Your Mother Didn't Tell You About Bundle Configuration


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Good talk. I've just recently worked my way through setting up a bundle configuration and I was happy to find that I'd basically done it the right way

Good fun - I was entertained.

The underlying message of being thoughtful and aware of your config was more powerful to me than the 'how'.

I felt that there could have been a few more thought out examples and complex scenarios. Also some relation to config file locations. In SF2 there can be a huge number of files all over the place, so how and where you should divide config scope is useful as well as definition.

Anonymous at 22:35 on 14 Sep 2012

The delivery was okay, but the content was quite basic, for the guys new to Symfony, perhaps it was great, but for anyone else I find it hard to believe they wouldn't have worked this much out for themselves in their own usage, you're not going to get very far without using configuration.

Having delved into the Config component head first in the past few months, this was a good refresher on the basics of it. Some more examples on advanced config (eg the extra validation and some of the more technical part) might have been good but I understand the time constraints.

Better covering than the talk on the same topic you gave in paris earlier this year.
It's definitely clearer presented this time and gives some really useful info.

Some really nice insights on good configuration and validation. Nicely put together and an enjoyable talk

Nice to be walked through some of the things I've been doing without really knowing what I was doing!