Talk comments

I really enjoyed the hacking and the pizza! Great way to end the conference. :)

What an engaging and information-packed presentation! Incredibly valuable...thanks!

This was a very interesting presentation. Liked it. The presentationcan be found here:

I really enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions to all the guys responsible for such awesome OSS. Thanks for taking the time out for a Q&A session.

on Q&A

This was a huge help and I'm still lost. Next time I need to tackle this problem it is going to be a lot easier, though! I could have used this talk a few weeks ago.

Duuuuuuuuude. Awesome. Everyone did great. Lightning!!!!

Ryan did an amazing, lightweight and energetic talk on a very important topic for the PHP community! Well done! :)

I really liked your enthusiasm! Everyone here is already convinced to use Symfony components, but take this talk on the conference circuit and you will win hearts and minds. Preach it, brother!