We're a London community of Symfony developers committed to take PHP to the next level. Join us to deepen your Symfony knowledge, share your experience, or most importantly - meet other developers using the framework! Most of our meetups consist of a "formal part" where someone gives a previously prepared talk, followed by less formal and more social discussions.

Monday 27th March 2017

Building an e-commerce platform for 2 million shoppers with Symfony
Talk by Daniel James (35 minutes)

A luxury e-commerce platform for 2 million users from scratch, how hard can it be? A lot more complex than it appears! It was a task made possible by Symfony, a microservices architecture, a devops team and a React frontend. This talk will run through how Symfony was used to build each part of an e-commerce platform right through from warehouse floor to iPhone screen.

[Lightning Talk] From a relational database to you
Talk by Luis Galeas (15 minutes)

Relational databases and object oriented languages have very different paradigms. Identity and relationships have distinct implementations. And the difficulty of creating and navigating data varies, both conceptually and performance-wise. Speed bumps pop up when transferring data from a relational database to an object oriented model. It's tempting to let ORMs (e.g. Doctrine) hide this "object hydration" problem. Then one day, performance starts mattering. This talk will explore several solutions to the problem, and when to use them.

Queues and Background Jobs in PHP: Finding a scalable solution
Talk by Damjan Znidarsic (35 minutes)

PHP was not build for long-running processes, something that event based systems require. How can we quickly build a scalable solution that has all the features we'd need to process millions of jobs and what might PHP community need to think about for PHP 7.* and beyond.