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Tom ate at 10:00 on 1 Dec 2016


Great keynote, minor audio problems and one beamer was a bit hard to read. Very interesting stuff though, too bad it's not all readily available to play with.

Cesar at 10:52 on 1 Dec 2016

Good keynote

Grzegorz Kawka at 11:31 on 1 Dec 2016

Nice keynote about history and future of Symfony. Cant wait to test SensioCloud

Asmir Mustafic at 11:39 on 1 Dec 2016

to be honest I was expecting something more inspiring than having sensio cloud sold to me

Advertisement, but the cloud looks promising.

Benny Penny at 12:28 on 1 Dec 2016

Interesting, but not very much news...

Théo FIDRY at 16:14 on 1 Dec 2016

Good keynote, interesting background stories about some neat features and exciting news!

First part was interesting, second had some boring advertisement.

liked the way the talk is developed.

bit of advertisment. But good to know that great tool is coming out.


Piotr Pasich at 11:36 on 2 Dec 2016

All about the ad

Marliac Julien at 11:40 on 2 Dec 2016

Sensio Cloud looks great !

Little bit much of advertising, but sounds like a great addition to the ecosystem.

Jens Hassler at 15:51 on 2 Dec 2016

Was ok.

No exclusive info. Self promotion and github screenshots about symfony tickets.

Renaud Marx at 22:19 on 2 Dec 2016

Good solution to real problems / missing things, and nicely sold. Yes, an ad, but a good one, and i can only applaud the pragmatic approach and all the work behind it.

A good keynote. Whether Sensio Cloud will actually establish itself is yet to be seen...

Vasily Rodin at 14:28 on 3 Dec 2016

Interesting from the start, but also a bit of marketing in the end

Maciej Malarz at 12:58 on 5 Dec 2016

For the opening keynote I was expecting something inspiring, not an advertisement of a new product that is not even released

Andy Roid at 18:27 on 6 Dec 2016

focused on promotion of new stuff

Oleg Andreyev at 11:49 on 13 Dec 2016

As usual Fabien is on high level!