In all our careers at some point we’ll have multiple web applications or services we need to be able to integrate; whether that be as simple as sharing sessions or more complex such as manipulating HTTP responses provided by applications in libraries. Integration is hard but for frameworks, libraries and applications interoperability is an ever increasing goal. In this talk we’ll discuss how we can go further with interoperability to make your life easier: how you can make Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish integrate with your Symfony web app; how you can use Symfony Components and Zend Framework modules side by side; and about decoupling your applications from any one specific library by depending on interfaces instead of implementations.


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Interesting stuff and fun to listen to.

Tom ate at 12:33 on 1 Dec 2016

Cool and funny Talk about how your php application should be builded up. Not anything new here, but a good reminder and for beginners very good to know.

Benny Penny at 12:35 on 1 Dec 2016


Grzegorz Kawka at 12:40 on 1 Dec 2016

Very interesting practical knowledge and great funny presentation

Very good talk, though probably should have been in the other room. The star power of Michael Cullum drew a lot of a bigger crowd than what I think was anticipated.

Nice and funny but too high level.

Good talk!

Tommy Muehle at 13:18 on 2 Dec 2016

Nothing new (for me) but great summary about FIG and interoperability. Liked your presentation style.

I wished there was some sort of more complex examples. Very much theory.

Marc Alexander at 13:42 on 2 Dec 2016

Very good talk with great insights. Could feel a bit of a rush at the end though.

Tobias Nyholm at 14:21 on 2 Dec 2016

Thank you!

fluent talk.

Jens Hassler at 15:44 on 2 Dec 2016


Ilia Petriaev at 17:22 on 2 Dec 2016

Great talk

Good talk, too bad room was too small for everyone to fit in and people ended up sitting on the floor. Topic was interesting, talk was entertaining and relevant.

Renaud Marx at 22:32 on 2 Dec 2016

Best talk i heard in these 2 days. Sometimes speaking too fast for people like me who are not native english :)

Cesar at 08:24 on 3 Dec 2016

Great and funny

Great talk! Very practical things to know about peer dependencies

Great speaker, interesting subject, funny and intelligent presentation.

Maik at 14:11 on 4 Dec 2016

Also one of the best talks at the event. Really interesting topic/issue, nearly every web-developer has to deal with.

Derk at 11:03 on 5 Dec 2016

Very well prepared talk with good examples of real life use cases why you want to change dependencies of included libraries and how to do it.

Maciej Malarz at 13:03 on 5 Dec 2016

Good and fun!

Andy Roid at 18:35 on 6 Dec 2016

Very fun and pretty interesting. Room too crowdy