After several months of discussion, the PHP-FIG (PHP Framework Interop Group) published the PSR-6. Its goal is to enable interoperability between caching systems implementations - a mandatory aspect to improve performance in your applications. At this conference, we will see the benefits and limitations of PSR-6, we will discuss the various existing cache solutions (Doctrine, Stash, php-cache), and I will present the Symfony 3.1 Cache component and its latest improvements in version 3.2.


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Tom ate at 10:42 on 1 Dec 2016

Parts were interesting

Informative and practical

I wish they talk focused a bit more about the process and decision making that led to the psr, or showed more implementation detail via examples. This way it was kind of in the middle of both worlds and not as great as it could have been.

Mark Schmale at 10:52 on 1 Dec 2016

Good speed, nice examples, great info

Cesar at 10:54 on 1 Dec 2016

It was very interesting

Julien Janvier at 10:57 on 1 Dec 2016

Very clear and interesting, as usual.

Grzegorz Kawka at 11:33 on 1 Dec 2016

Definitely worth hearing!

Asmir Mustafic at 11:35 on 1 Dec 2016

good and interesting. learned some cool tricks and not known things. a bit too much reading just the code

Benny Penny at 12:29 on 1 Dec 2016

Very well!!!
Every Junior should attend this talk. Twice!

Théo FIDRY at 16:16 on 1 Dec 2016

As usual nice talk. Good explanation of the current implementation and the future features to come.

Nice overview of PSR-6, with good guidance on when you should (not) use caching, and a quick look at the new features that Symfony 3.2 brings (tag based invalidation is here folks, but with great power comes great responsibility!).

Good talk with overview about caching.

Felix Peters at 11:39 on 2 Dec 2016

Good insights and overview

Miko?aj Adamczyk at 11:44 on 2 Dec 2016

Great talk, especially second part, thank you!

Georgij at 15:43 on 2 Dec 2016

Clear and informative, well structured presentation!

Ilia Petriaev at 17:20 on 2 Dec 2016

Worth hearing

Topic was promising. I was given no insights about how and why. Only final solution and reading out code from slides.

I was expecting something more.

Maciej Malarz at 13:02 on 5 Dec 2016

Was good to see what more Symfony brings to the table