Often clients already have a working product that they want to improve. In these cases starting to work on the project right away may turn into a development nightmare. Therefore assessing the technical status of the product is very important. Depending on the needs of the client this can be done from several points of view : technical standards, maintainability, performance, security, etc. This talk is going to cover how can you prepare an audit of a Symfony application, what should you look out for and how can the result of the audit impact further development on the project. I will talk also about what I found to be the best tools for the job and how can you get clients to see the benefits of it.


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I hoped to hear more about Symfony instead of pure "What is an audit".

But anyways a good and entertaining talk.

Yannick at 12:34 on 17 Nov 2017

Maybe a bit to general, had hoped it dived a bit more into the code side of things. But fun too hear about it you have never seen an audit before.

I expected that it's about Symfony apps, but it was for all php based apps.It would better to call "Auditing web apps" to match expectations

Presentation was good, but I hope for something more advanced. Seems too general for me. Should be good to see more examples of smells which ppl do in projects and what was found during audits.

I liked the talk, good overview what audits are about. The Symfony in the title was not represented unfortunately. Sounds like a good topic for a workshop to go deeper.

This had almost nothing to do with Symfony so the title was misleading to say the least.
Other than that it was also a very general superficial talk and the speaker didn’t come of very enthousiastic.

I was expecting more than just what to say in an audit. And it was not really related to Symfony.