The Translator component is the one you learned how to use in 5 minutes and you have not thought much about it since. It just sits there in almost every project and just works. That is great, that is what a great component should do. The tricky part is how you build your development processes to work together with the translation process. You will start to notice problems when you have 4 or more languages. What other tools and services should you use? And how do you teach external translators to edit xliff files? Of course your should not force XML on non-developers. Taking the experiences learned from JMSTranslationBundle, Happyr’s translation bundles and the PHP-Translation organization; I will give you example of a few very concrete processes working with translations in a Symfony environment.


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Great talks, clear slides. High five

Ryan Weaver at 14:20 on 16 Nov 2017

Fantastic talk: incredibly practical and useful as well as entertaining!

Great talk.

Learned a lot of things to improve regarding translation while developing.

Really great talk! Thx

He is a magician ! Someone asked a question about images and Tobias predicted the responses and he had the slide already !

Great speaker, interesting talk like always !

Jeff Sacco at 15:47 on 16 Nov 2017

Great practical examples. He knew his audience and his copy on the deck was perfect. Good job.

Yannick at 18:18 on 16 Nov 2017

Fun topic and well presented. The examples made it easier to understand the problems you can expect and how to solve.

Steve Winter at 19:01 on 16 Nov 2017

Exactly what it said on the tin! And delivered very well ?

Anonymous at 08:27 on 17 Nov 2017


Great talk about all the problems that you'll have, once you need to have your application translated into several different languages.

He showed many practical solutions that you can apply and introduced some tools to the audience.

I also have an application in more than 10 languages and we are/were facing the same problems that Tobias described. I can agree on almost any slide.

Also good English skills and entertaining. Keep up the good work.

Jose Monagas at 01:23 on 23 Nov 2017

Great Loco-speaker and great talk discovering some tricks about translations.