Still desperately clinging to your PHP 5 installation? We'll take a look into the latest offerings of PHP 7 from raw performance, to exciting new language features bringing developer efficiency to a higher level. With the next release of PHP a mere two weeks away, now is the time to take the plunge and never look back.


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Quite entertaining talk, really interesting information about new features in PHP.

Great talk, best so far.
Great tempo; very interesting info.
Very readable slides (other presenters please take note!).
Last but not least very entertaining and not even a bit distracted by the weird lighting issues.
Thanks so much.

Timo Bakx at 10:15 on 17 Nov 2017

As always, Sara gives a great talk.
Good information and code examples of recent improvements and future implementations in PHP 7.x. Very interesting and I'm already looking forward to PHP 7.3.

I’ve discovered many things. Was fun and dynamic, continue.

213 at 11:26 on 17 Nov 2017

Great talk, brought with humor and was certainly entertaining. There wasn't too much new stuff for me, but still enjoyed the talk. I hope she keeps presenting with this positivity and keeps doing what she does for the community!

Great talk.
Very Entertaining.
Got lots of new information.

Yannick at 12:19 on 17 Nov 2017

Very good talk. Was both entertaining and interesting. One point of feedback is that the slides felt a bit crowded at points. But it is only a minor point of criticism, 5/5 would listen to again.

Hugo Hamon at 12:45 on 17 Nov 2017

Great talk, very informative and a lots of humour! Thanks Sara!

Really interesting insight into upcoming features (and in some cases unknown existing ones) and ongoing developments. Really entertaining as well.

Nice overview of php in its current and future state.

Well presented, nice recap where PHP is going.

Andreas B. at 08:12 on 21 Nov 2017

Great content, great presentation. The light show was an interesting gimmick (note: most likely not agreed upon with the presenter), but Sara navigated that distraction perfectly and even integrated it in her talk.

Very nice talk! We saw the new behaviors of PHP 7 and the potential new PHP features. It was very interesting because it showed technically why some features are slow to release (for example JIT conflicts with legacy function of PHP).

Jose Monagas at 01:25 on 23 Nov 2017

The best speaker in my opinion. Good connection with the audience and her talk was full of good quality content.