Let's review what happened during the last year: basically we'll see and/or discover nice new features that appeared since the last year.


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Bart van Raaij at 17:59 on 7 Dec 2018

Amazing to see how much is done in a year! Thank you!

Miro Svrtan at 09:20 on 8 Dec 2018

I think this would be much better as an opening keynote instead of the closing one so attendees can learn about details they might have missed and possibly go to a related talk if there is a one.

After 2 days of conferencing, everyone is really tired and it was bit showing: maybe closing should be more charismatic/energetic so people would leave the conference completely pumped and full of energy? (just an observation, not a complaint)

I still loved it, thank you both for a great closing of the 2018 conference.

Johan Vervloet at 10:17 on 8 Dec 2018

It is always interesting to hear about what new good stuff was added to symfony and friends. But I would prefer a more 'basic' persentation. Let the improvements speak for themselves, they are great as they are. No need for cat images, or for letting the audience answer to rethoric questions à la 'are you ready?'.

Yannick at 14:31 on 8 Dec 2018

I thought the flight gimmick was a bit distracting from what was actually said and if fell a bit flat at points because of it. I would prefer a more traditional talk because the content was quite cool to hear.

Small piece of feedback: give some more room for people to start clapping or give them more ques to do so, because some stuff felt under appreciated because of it.

Loved the shout outs to community members who implemented features.

Great delivery, though it sounded a bit forced at some point, as if someone was there with a "clap now" banner to help us react to any of the jokes or whatnot included in the presentation.

Regarding the actual content, it was good and it's good to see how things are evolving. Thanking the contributors is a good idea, loved it! I reckon that there's 2000 contributors, so that would probably have been good to thank them again at the same time as specific contributors.