Immutable Servers are not new and they are not that simple to achieve. However, the advantages of having Immutable Servers versus Snowflake Servers are worth it. In this talk, I will explain the differences between Snowflake and Immutable Servers and also what considerations you should have while developing your App. I will also share which tools and strategies you can use to build Immutable Servers.


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Yannick at 15:19 on 6 Dec 2018

Not very relevant for most people I think. Some information seems quite obvious when presented, but worth hearing nonetheless.

Presentation could have been more dynamic, sometimes we were getting in too much details that are not relevant in my opinion. Otherwise the concept itself is interesting.

Great talk to make companies aware of the need to prepare themself for the eventuality of one day needing to migrate to immutable servers (and why that day might come)