Over the last couple of years, I have heard of Event sourcing but didn't really know where to start until I did a tutorial at DPC '17. After having some basic information it was time to start a Hackathon and after that something production worty. In this talk I will try to give the best information to get started and to know some of the problems you can face if you begin event-sourcing.


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Tom Adam at 11:48 on 7 Dec 2018

A good talk, well presented. Some of the code was a little hard to follow - I think perhaps class names or comments with the file name would have made it easier to remember where we were.

Off topic, if you have time check out Dois Corvos brewery before you leave Lisbon.

Antonio Peric at 12:23 on 7 Dec 2018

Talk was well delivered and easy to follow. Good code examples and good overview how to start using it

David Badura at 14:33 on 7 Dec 2018

Hard to follow. too much code and too few pictures to bring the topic closer. A workflow diagram would be nice ;) Btw. Command bus isn't part of eventsourcing. if you omitted that, you would spend more time on eventsourcing.

Miro Svrtan at 09:06 on 8 Dec 2018

Speaker was visibly nervous (standing in front of 500ppl is never easy) but I wouldn't say it has degraded the performance too much.

I did a very similar talk to this, I know how hard it is to talk about ES cause there will be always be people who:
- understand nothing as they never heard of ES
- heard about ES
- read about it but never used it
- played with it
- using ES

and you cant please all of them since gap in understanding and knowledge is just to big. I think talk was mostly valuable to middle two groups (people who read about it and who played with it).

As talk was given at SymfonyCon on advanced track I expected it to be more Symfony than Prooph related.

I would suggest speaker to avoid so many bulletpoints (especially first 3 slides since I was reading it instead of listening to him), avoid looking at the big screen and reduce amount of text when talking about projections.

Good job Tim, I hope to see you talk on more conferences!

Johan Vervloet at 10:04 on 8 Dec 2018

I think this talk needs some work. It was not clear for me whether it was for a beginner audience or for an advanced audience. If you are talking to an audience of beginners, you should explain things like aggregates and payloads. If you are talking for an advanced audience, your might pick some more advanced examples.

Yannick at 14:17 on 8 Dec 2018

I already had some experience with prooph and event sourcing so the examples were quite easy to follow. So what for me gave extra value were the lessons learned and the ones shown were really informative. I will definitely give it an extra try when I get back home.

Like it, cause presenter speak about own experience implementing event sourcing and about problems he had - as he says he wasn't expert and it is good that he didn't pretend to be a one.

I know the principles behind event sourcing so I had no problem following the talk, but I think people who aren't familiar with it might have a hard time following this talk as there is no real intro as to what ES actually is.

I did like the talk. Good overview of the use of Prooph in Symfony. I do think it would be better to present how Prooph works now, instead of showing ways you used that are currently (or on the verge of being) deprecated. Although that might be hard seeing the speed at which Prooph moves.

Presentation was well structured with a very follow-able story line. The symfony part felt forced and unnecessary. Presenter did a great job on showing the big pitfalls on starting with ES.

Igor Hryshko at 16:46 on 11 Dec 2018

Good talk with a good example.

Beer & event sourcing? Party! Very simple and good example of event sourcing and where is it applicable.

it was amazing. Good explanation, awesome presentation, thank you!