The Messenger component brings asynchronous processing to Symfony: using message bus(es) you are able to decouple your application and route some (or all) of these "messages" to transports such as the built-in AMQP transport. It’s been more than 6 months since we’ve merged the new Messenger component in Symfony. We will explore the different use cases it has been used for so far and how it will continue to involve in order to facilitate even more.


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Tom Adam at 12:42 on 6 Dec 2018

Some interesting new features showcased in this talk. I especially liked the stamps. Would have been good to hear more on what the future holds for the messenger component, and perhaps how to get involved considering the hack day on Saturday.

complete and interesting new concept of stamps and Envelope!

Yannick at 15:16 on 6 Dec 2018

Nice presentation and well explained. Could have been a tad more in depth but it give some nice points to explore at a later moment.

Johan Vervloet at 20:53 on 6 Dec 2018

I heard about the messenger component before, but now that I've seen some concrete example code, I actually know what this is all about. I hope the 'experimental' tag can soon be removed.

Great talk Samuel, it’s definetly something we are going to use in our projects.

Antonio Peric at 10:36 on 7 Dec 2018

Good talk, but it should include more examples. it was basic setup and description of messager - useful for ppl who are not using messager yet.

David Badura at 14:39 on 7 Dec 2018

Nice talk!

I really appreciate that talk I didn't know about new messanger component before. Just during the talk I googled and read stuff in Symfony documentation a little bit.

I would expect more "production" like examples, and maybe speak about how (or should we) used messanger instead of Bernard or other queue abstraction lib. I would like to hear more about how to use some adapters as well (on talk there was only RabbitMQ metioned) or can we use other cloud providers (Amazon SQS or something) or event just some database adapter?

Might benefit from more info as to what the command pattern is, why you'd want it, CQS, etc, for those who don't know it yet.

Otherwise good talk.

Miguel Sousa at 09:40 on 10 Dec 2018

Some use cases in production will be awesome.

Thinking of implementing it short time if it fits our needs.

A great talk about the current state of the messenger component. I would've loved more insight on what the future might look like since it's still experimental.

Good talk overall, and would probably have been great for the beginner's track in my opinion.

While well executed, I believe the talk does not go deeper, and Samuel only explains the basics, the how to from the doc, unfortunately.

Examples on how to secure the system (in an async setup with rabbitMQ for instance) using some sort of encryption algorithm on the message level and a stamp (serializer?) would definitely help up the talk's game, and leave the beginner's/read the doc level.

I was expecting more from an advanced level talk - like deeper insights and usage examples.