Symfony's configuration system has improved *a lot* in recent years. Version 4.2 brings a lot of minor improvements that all together give an even better developer experience. Let's step back and look at how we can tackle all of the most common problems using the new approaches! This will include tricks for configuring services as *easily* as possible, handling different environment configuration and the hugely important topic of environment variables and secrets. Best of all, we'll discuss some strategies to migrate your existing apps so you're never going to be left behind.


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Traian Bratucu at 17:54 on 7 Dec 2018

Good, but workshop was way better. Good pace, clear, useful! :)

Yannick at 14:20 on 8 Dec 2018

great new info, some stuff I did not get to try or didn't even know what was. But I feel that for someone who keeps track of the Symfony changes a bit better might have seen everything already. Anyhow, great talk nonetheless.

Great talk!

Good explanation on different recent changes in Symfony which affect DX.

Good talk. I've been sceptical of autowiring for a while, but with these new changes I might actually give it a shot.

Great one :)

Great tips and tricks, nothing on the speaker, the delivery is always good with Nicolas anyways :p

My only concern would be that this talk was in the advanced track, and it was mainly about things that are mainstream and documented (while introduced in the last version and not widely used by SF devs yet), which in my opinion should not be branded as advanced.

Perhaps not an advanced track talk, but great insight for someone who has not been in the symfony world for a while (me).