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Have to agree, too far from the city, lack of stuff in tracks to help with various issues, pass the microphone, technical problems. About speakers, there wasn't a lot of Symfony eminent persons, and those who were there had un-interesting topics. Warsaw was much better, and next year, before early bid tickets, they need to announce list of speakers and topics.

Location was too much far away from the center of the town and given directions to the hotel were wrong. Agree with previous commentators about quality of talks: low level. One of the things I also didn't like was lack of microphones for the audience. When the talk is over and people want to ask questions to the speaker, please give them microphone so everyone else in the room can clearly hear their question :)

Anonymous at 12:32 on 3 Dec 2014

Although I found the conference quite fun and interesting, the one in Berlin or Warsaw last yeah was much better. So unfortunately I must agree on all points of the previous commenter, especially on the ones for the venue and its horrible smell...

I was rather disappointed with this Con for a variety of reasons:

- The venue election was an error: it was too far away from the city, and commuting was very stressful for people don't staying at the same place. Also, the rooms were the talks took place were too big for the audience: it was difficult to see the slides from far away.
- I didn't expect the talks to be so low level. Even thought there were some really good talks, I found the majority of them to contain too entry-level or non-advanced topics, or directly plain unrelated stuff. In an event of this category I expected to see more top-notch talks and advanced topics. I found almost none of that.
- Too much advertising talks: oro, Sylius, Elcodi, kuntsmann, blackfire, etc. While having a couple of those is acceptable, there were simply too much.
- And last but not least: this conference price was excessive for what it offered.