Symfony Grows Up: The Developer Experience (DX) Initiative


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I wish you were not blacked out at the beginning but even though you did go blind, you succeeded brilliantly in introducing latest DX precious stones! Thank you!

Anonymous at 14:39 on 27 Nov 2014

Love the initiative !

Ryan you are a show man, and a the problems makes you bigger!

And my name appears in your slides! Thanks so much for the DX initiative!

Inspiring and very well brought!
Finally a true speaker!

Ryan, you always bring a blast of energy to the stage. Nicely delivered, even with severe hardware problems. Great talk about the Symfony DX Initiative

Ryan Ryan Ryan, just awesome!

I loved Ryan's presentation, his energy on the stage, how well he managed through the momentarily technical problems and all that he has done for Symfony project. DX Initiative has profoundly changed Symfony for the better and it will change it even more in the coming years ... and everything started from Ryan's ideas. Thank you for everything!

Ryan is just a great speaker, even without slides the subject was entertaining. I've met the same enthusiasm you see when it merge you pull request.

Lots of enthusiasm and energy. Even technical difficulties didn't stop Ryan. Very inspiring!

Great speaker. Very inspiring. Congrats

Awesome, as usual ;)