10 years of Symfony


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Nice talk about the history and vision of Symfony

Yohann Marillet at 11:45 on 3 Dec 2015

Fine keynote

Really nice to see all from faces of the symfony

Anonymous at 13:36 on 3 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 14:42 on 3 Dec 2015

Fabien got a little bit emotional. :))

Nice emotional talk

Anonymous at 15:34 on 3 Dec 2015

Good talk highlighting those who make Symfony the project that it is

Thanks Fabien, Symfony is really making the PHP developer's world better! Looking forward the next 10 years :)

Even more, thank to everybody who creates symfony!

Hans Stevens at 17:15 on 3 Dec 2015

Awesome team

Great talk explaining the history of the project!

Anonymous at 10:48 on 4 Dec 2015

Koen Vinken at 12:01 on 4 Dec 2015

Love you enthusiasm and dedication.

Very touching. Happy birthday Symfony!

Great talk about the humans behind the project. Thanks!

Anonymous at 21:58 on 4 Dec 2015

Nice presentation: like to remind us of Symfony's history, what has been achieved so far and seeing the guys' behind it. Happy birthday!!

Good keynote for the 10th anniversary of Symfony. Nice to get to know some people in the community I didn't know yet.

Great introduction talk, with a lot of emotion! :)

Good, emotional talk highlighting 10 years of Symfony and people behind the success

Really nice talk