40 ms: How HSNG delivers personalized e-commerce with Symfony and Magento in the blink of an eye


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Anonymous at 12:09 on 3 Dec 2015

Impressive results that were presented.
However, too much about the problem, to little about the solution and it's pros and cons. Also, you're talking to developers here. Show us some code!

Yohann Marillet at 14:04 on 3 Dec 2015

Same as above ...

Anonymous at 14:43 on 3 Dec 2015

Hans Stevens at 14:52 on 3 Dec 2015

Should be more technical

I expected more on how API platform works but the talk was interesting. I liked the higher level view on how you solved things with caching and ESI and all that. I would have loved a bit more details on that (not necessarily code, but implementation details like how you in the end assemble content with nested ESI and the costs of it)

I wanted to hear more about solution

Anonymous at 14:58 on 4 Dec 2015

should contain more information about solution, about different tries..

Nice experience. Thanks to share!

Impressive results, but I was expecting a more technical view on things. Showing some code would help to keep your audience interested imho.

I thought the results were impressive and I thought the topic of the talk was really interesting.

If doing the talk again I'd suggest perhaps adjusting the timing so you spend more time talking about the technical details (in the middle of the talk) and less time describing the problems and challenges you were trying to overcome.

Like some others, it was interesting but much about the problem/result and to little about the solution.