A Journey Down the Open Road


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Nice journey!
Thanks for sharing it

Interesting opensource journey. Might be helpful

Crazy storytelling skills. Super entertaining, very interesting!

Anonymous at 10:52 on 4 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 17:10 on 4 Dec 2015

Very nice experience. Very nicely explained.

Always great to have such experience shared, very interesting and well presented!

Interesting to hear a bit about Magento and the presentation was very good.

I think making some of the take away lessons from your journey more obvious would help the direction of the talk.

interesting and well explained

This was one of the most interesting and distinct presentations I found in this 2-days conference. Though it might not be related directly to technical aspects of Symfony project, the nature of the open source project with a narrative of the struggle to transform it into a commercial success proved to be a timely topic, and every young entrepreneurs could benefit from this history. I even would like to hear this again.

very inspiring! thanks!

very inspiring! thanks!

Great history and storytelling, I wish you had more time for it