Application monitoring with Heka and statsd


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Un ton nonchalant qui ne manquait pas d'humour :) Merci (et merci encore pour Composer) !

The talk was little haotic but it was good enough for me.

The title should have been "Application monitoring with Heka". You didn't talk so much about statsd. But anyway, I discover Heka, which seems really cool.
One slide about differences between Heka & logstash would have been great too (if there any difference at all :))

Good talk on the application monitoring and how you can analyse your data (with a real life example, ie website).

The talk wasn't focus on the benefit of heka vs other similar tools. So I still don't know if heka is the futur, or just another cool tool.

Always nice to discover some new tools and how they may ease our life.

Interesting talk.
I discovered this tool during this conference, but it was really cool

Awesome talk. Jordi can build this light talk vibe perfectly. Really enjoyed the examples on how it works - feel like I will give it a try. Super interesting part was the "statistics porn" from composer :)

The talk was mostly about using Kibana to monitor You should probably adjust the title. Anyway, very interesting!

Anonymous at 22:09 on 1 Feb 2014

I just watched the video, and agree with Thomas and Konstantin and Jeremy. The last question was very good because and i created an issue to follow up and fix this. Good talk!