Community Building with Mentoring: What makes people crazy happy to work on an open source project?


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@Cathy could you please post your slides? thanks, i want to review them
you are a good community influence in the symfony world great help, thanks

Very cool to have this "non-technical" subject on SymfonyCon.

Cathy is a very good (and funny) speaker, I hope we see you on another event :)

Thanks a lot for your slides :)

Symfony community has a lot to learn from the Cathy's experience she also has this natural way to create and builds friendship.Best talk for me.

The presentation was good and I enjoyed the talk. Only thing is I didn't really get the point in having a network of mentors. From my point of view if Drupal contributors would have a real open source experience (which could be delivered by github) then there would be no need to "welcome" anyone to the community since everyone could feel welcome themselves. But as Cathy said I guess it's a work in progress to get there :)

Really dynamic talk. I would have enjoyed some tricks about driving smaller OS communities as well however.

I really enjoyed your talk. Thanks!

Really nice talk.

Nice talk about getting people more involved in community. Maybe I have expected more examples from live, but it was a fun to listen.