Cool like Frontend Developer: Grunt, RequireJS, Bower and other Tools


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Awesome talk.
Learned a lot of new tools and ideas. Got a lot of questions though. :D

Anonymous at 16:52 on 12 Dec 2013

Great talk @SymfonyCon, really loved the pedagogy of Ryan Weaver! I recognizes the smart way teaching of KnpUniveristy in this talk.

Great talk. You've convinced me to try installing node.js to get these tools!

@Ryan please if you can upload slides would rock, thanks!

Great talk and introduction to js tools which we will use more and more. The best talk of the day for me.

Christmas spirit rocked! ;)

Very good talk @ryan as usual!

Very good talk. As usual ;)
Note: I did not copy / paste joseph's comment...

I have recently found and put together all that stuff you were talking about. I experimented with this and come to very similar setup. It was nice to see i'm using it like someone else.

A great talk, a good overview of what to do with frontend stuff when we use Symfony2.
Your presentation was great, I liked the flow.
And thanks to Leanna, you were really "dandy" for this presentation :p

Great talk. Good introduction to all the different tools together with a short example of using them. I like the idea of having a project one can fork and play with to check out what you showed.

Great talk on frontend technologies. Maybe the speech should be a way slower ... ;)

Lot of new knowledge for non-frontend devs - I definitely need to learn about those more. Great presentation skills, very good flow. The whole thing was maybe just a little bit too fast ;)

Good explanation of frontend tools, very useful.

Great topic and very well delivered. I didn't had time yet to put my hands on those tools but this talk helped me a lot to understand them! Thanks

Very good talk there! You showed me how to glue diffrent tools I heard about/or already used into one powerfull developing helper! :)

May the force be with you Ryan.