How to automate your infrastructure with Chef


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Good presentation.
I'm already using Capitrano/Capifony a lot to deploy the code of my applications, and I will definitely use Vagrant and Chef to deploy the whole infra.
So thanks a lot for your tips.

The talk was nice although I was hoping for a bigger Chef part. The general itroduction to automatation was a bit lengthy for me. Your note about Chef not beeing production ready was an valuble addition. I would like to follow up on that if can find you in the corridors ;-)

I agree with Marcin. I was expected more practical information about Chef i.e. couple of common use cases.

Same here - missing more stuff on Chef (how to, best practices, drawbacks, etc.)

The talk was OK, but for me there should be more practical examples.

Well, as others and as Marcin, I was hopping on more stuff about Chef. It was a great introduction of the "automate deployment" tools.

As most guys here I expected to hear more about Chef. 30 minutes of introduction and 10 minutes about Chef wasn't good proportion.

I am sorry about that. It is always very hard to find the best proportion....

Quite good, however I would have liked to have some explanations about the choice of Chef over Puppet.

Anonymous at 08:26 on 16 Dec 2013

Have to agree with the others. A little less introduction would have been nice.

It was an all over good presentation, otherwise. Easy to understand and follow.

I quite liked the talk. In retrospect, perhaps there was too much introduction, but it's nothing that I noticed *while* listening to it.

This conf is very nice, the speaker was few stress but it's the first.
Thank for explaination to chef, it miss just a few example.

I disagree about the proportions. The topic was "how to automatize your infrastructure with Chef", not "Best practices and common use cases with Chef". For people like me (who did not use any deployment automate tool yet) this was a very good talk.

Nice talk covering all knows possibilities about automation. It made me aware of solutions, and where I should be cautious about using chef. Thank you!

The title was misleading