Symfony2 Forms: Past, Present, Future


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Amazing talk ,Bernhard.

Exactly what I was expecting about it :)


Great talks for me very interesting was form debugger and info about new stuff in forms in 2.4 I really love the contribution stuff you said

i liked the open source slides at the end

Great talk! A good overview of where the Form Component is today (what's new, old etc ..)
The Form Debugger seems really cool.

Perfectly executed. Perfect balance of abstraction and details. Really enjoyed the talk even though it was the first one in the morning. Bernhard was really encouranging when he spoke of helping and contributing to forms, good job!

Really enjoyed the format of this talk.

The first part was a confirmation of what I've learned during the workshop, and the second part was really interesting !

Great talk. Some useful info on working with forms in Symfony.

Bernhard delivered the talk very well! Was good to see the history of forms and where it is going! Also he did an awesome job by explaining how to help contributing!