Dependency Injection and the Symfony2 Service Container


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Very good insights into the DIC and how Symfony2 uses it. well done

Anonymous at 16:46 on 21 Oct 2011

loved it.

Good one

Good talk. And when you don't want to use the concept of DI or the DIC by now you're lost. :)

One drawback: The speaker sometimes mumbled to much so it was hard to follow.

Nice overview of DIC.

good talk and examples to understand the power of DIC.
"One drawback: The speaker sometimes mumbled to much so it was hard to follow."

good talk and very good examples!
speaker should speak a little bit more clear & more slowly, and a little bit more without the "british speed & accent"

Very interesting, until now i've never used DIC in symfony but i have to try it.

Good overview. I knew Most of it already though.

The speaker was unnecessarily Self concious. He seems to very well know what He is talking about.

Nice example-driven explanation of a concept which in practice is really straight forward, but at the same time bloody hard to explain. It's cleared up when and where to use it, why it's important and the effects it has.

Clear structure and good examples.

Subject matter was very much on point and should be considered "required reading" for any new developers getting involved with Symfony2. I agree with some observations above that Richard seemed self-conscious at times, but I don't think that detracted from the presentation.

I was very satisfied with Richard's handling of my impromptu "what about interface injection?" question. It was clear from his answer that he participated in the community discussion about the subject months ago.