Un nuovo standard, benvenuto PSR-7


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Argomento interessante e bella esposizione, voto 3 e non 4 per le slide veramente poco leggibili. Per le prossime volte caratteri piĆ¹ grandi e miglior contrasto ;-)

I would have preferred a more personal approach, perhaps with some case study, rather than a simple rundown of the new specifications

Alessandro Lai at 16:43 on 11 Oct 2015

Good speaker, but poor choice of color with the slides: dark background is bad for projectors. Also the talk is missing an important point: middlewares. They are at the core of PSR-7.

thanks for the feedback. I'll sure improve the slides next time!

@AlessandroLai you're right, Middlewares are really important talking about PSR-7. I had in program to mention them until Thursday evening, then I decided to skip them to due to time issues