Italian SymfonyDay 2016. Goals of this event are to show best practices and high level case studies. This event is organised by PUG Roma with the help of GrUSP.

Friday 28th October 2016

10:05 Symfony e micro (non così tanto) servizi
Talk by Michele Orselli (30 minutes)
11:00 Scaling symfony apps
Talk by Matteo Moretti (45 minutes)
11:50 E-commerce con SF: dal case study alla realtà
Talk by Simone D'Amico (30 minutes)
12:25 A journey into Symfony form component
Talk by Samuele Lilli (45 minutes)
14:30 PHP7 e Rich Domain Model
Talk by Massimiliano Arione (30 minutes)
15:05 Relevance sorting with Elasticsearch & a bit of maths
Talk by Matteo Dora (45 minutes)
16:05 Command: the easy way
Talk by Antonino Carella (30 minutes)
16:40 ORM hero
Talk by Simone Di Maulo (45 minutes)