Outsource your CMS: Drupal 8 as a drop-in content engine


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Entertaining and likeable. Don't be shy to do it in german. Nobody cares if some words are not 100% correct. :)

Anonymous at 11:22 on 15 Oct 2015

Thanks for the great talk, the demos and the entertainment!

Good fun. Drupal advertisement at its best.

German/English mixture.

Would have liked to hear more about integration of drupal and symfony application. Not just one slide.

Anonymous at 19:01 on 15 Oct 2015

So so good.. but nice Moustache

Anonymous at 20:00 on 15 Oct 2015

Nice informations over Drupal 8 and i will give it a try. The english/german mix was funny. Some more informations over the drop-in would be nice

I was really thriving for this talk, I like the style of @horncologne's talks but something just felt wrong. I mean it was no the switching of languages while presenting. I'm totally ok with that but the key point was just missing. Combine the drupal8 engine with a custom (Symfony) app, now that would've been a cool demo.

Kudos to the speakers, you did a great and entertaining job, but in the end there were no real insights. sry guys

Anonymous at 09:03 on 16 Oct 2015

Entertaining and great fun, but I would have expected more detail on the actual integration of drupal into symfony.

Anonymous at 10:06 on 16 Oct 2015

Nice entertainment but almost no important informations

Anonymous at 13:21 on 16 Oct 2015

entertaining & informative.
less about drupal features more about symfony integration would have been great

Für mich ganz ok, hatte aber etwas von einer Drupal-8-Vorstellungsrunde.