With the release of Symfony4, both the architecture and the developer workflow get a major overhaul - in part, by the introduction of Flex, among other things. The new changes focus on enabling easier cloud deployments, while supporting both lean microservice setups as well as monolithic applications.

During this workshop, we will create a new application using Flex, while touching all major new features:

Project setup
Use of the recipes and contrib recipes repositories
Bundle-less architecture
New components like Workflow, Cache and Dotenv
Changes to the service container configuration

Requirements: You should have a basic working knowledge of Symfony 2 or 3.


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Interesting and informative.
In my opinion, Symfony Flex was covered too much.

Dirk Kredler at 18:31 on 27 Oct 2017

A workshop talk, very informative and very nice staff.

Dirk Kredler at 18:44 on 27 Oct 2017

typo alarm, i meant: a good workshop, not "a workshop talk" wtf

Firman at 19:31 on 1 Nov 2017

Despite the technical problems, very informative and fun. Perhaps change the title to "Symfony Flex and Symfony 4 Deep Dive" or something similar so people know what to expect.

Kemal Secer at 13:39 on 13 Nov 2017

Interesting workshop with some technical pitfalls. All in all it was a good workshop. But in my opinion it shouldn't be named "Symfony4 Deep Dive". I think "Symfony4 a Short Preview" will nail it better.