For us developers it is a constant struggle to find the right words to describe things. Naming classes, functions and variables correctly and giving them context helps to create a meaning, and to convey that meaning to other developers. In this talk we will discuss guidelines to find good names for the buildings blocks we use, to aid in our daily challenge to transport our knowledge by leveraging well worded sourcecode.


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Nils Adermann at 17:46 on 26 Oct 2018

Many very practical rules & tips to follow when naming things. Loved the funny introduction to the subject with a group of cavemen. Great presentation style, very easy to follow, concise and clearly explained with good examples from real life. Names make such a huge difference in our daily communication, everyone should follow these rules to make our work easier.

Anne-Julia Seitz (Speaker) at 17:53 on 26 Oct 2018

Die Slides zum Talk k├Ânnt ihr hier finden:

Sehr unterhaltsam ? und auch gute (leicht zu merkende) Fingertips

Nils Freigang at 01:14 on 27 Oct 2018

When you think you know it all about naming things, then there is Anne-Julia showing you, that there's always something more to learn. Very good and important advice to be taken from this talk.

Clara at 21:11 on 27 Oct 2018

Really good talk about the proper use of language in our source code! Although I knew some of the principles put forward, the context in which they were placed them gave me a better understanding of why we should adhere to them. It was a joy seeing Anne-Julia own the stage with charisma and good puns!

Gut vorbereitet, unterhaltsam vorgetragen und auf den Punkt gebrachter Vortrag.

niseDen at 12:10 on 29 Oct 2018

Very good talk! Easy to follow and a lot of helpful tips and insights. Thank you for this great talk.

very practical, the slides provide a great summary!

Unterhaltsam, informativ und mit einigen neuen Ideen.

Firman at 16:09 on 31 Oct 2018

Very good talk about a subject that many people seem to ignore (to their own detriment). Using good names in code reduces mistakes and bugs.