Mocks Aren't Stubs, Fakes, Dummies or Spies


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My favourite talk of the conference so far. Only one problem: I now need to go back and rework a lot of tests ;)

I really enjoyed this talk, one of my favourites in the whole conference. Very comprehensive cover of the doubles patterns, illustrated with loads of examples, very relevant for Symfony developers and beyond. Once the patterns was all covered Dave used the remaining time really wisely covering the most relevant and interesting topics related to doubles possible in the context of the available PHP tools.

Good job, Dave. Lots of interesting insights about the different types of test doubles. Also, you got my attention the entire talk, which is a great achievement :) I agree with Gary, who wrote that now he has to "go back and rework a lot of tests" - I think I've done this whole "mocking" thing wrong many times in the past...

Deep knowledge about the talk subject. Examples using most popular tools out there.

Anonymous at 10:54 on 27 Sep 2014

Was a really good talk, and definitely one I'll be reffering back to! The only issue was how densely all the information was packed in there.

Cleared up a lot of terminology discrepancies I have around mocking. Some really great and digestible examples too. Would recommend to anyone with questions about mocking.

Great talk, Dave really knows his stuff. If you get the chance to see this talk then I'd thoroughly recommend you do!