Building a Pyramid: Symfony Testing Strategies


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Great speaking pace, very nicely structured presentation. You covered the most important aspects of application testing in a manner that was easy to follow for me.

Anonymous at 11:31 on 18 Sep 2015

Great talk

Ciaran always presents this material in such a way that makes it seem obvious (which is not a criticism, but high praise). He clearly illustrates where each type of testing is applicable, given the current state of the codebase that you're working with. Always eloquent and concise and paced perfectly.

Anonymous at 13:43 on 18 Sep 2015

Fantastic talk from Ciaran, as always!

An interesting talk. For me it lacked a little excitement to keep me engaged. Bit more colour in the slides would be nice too imho

Very nice talk. Reinforced my understanding of testing and provided me with tools which will help me communicate concepts to my colleagues.

Great talk, very well structured and clear to the smallest bits

Anonymous at 16:15 on 18 Sep 2015

Hated it! Ciaran presents everything in such a clear and straightforward that first I think to myself 'Only an idiot wouldn't follow what Ciaran is talking about' and only then realize I don't -_-

Thanks Ciaran!

Informative talk with some good points. Definitely got me thinking about my test strategy.

Curran clearly knows his stuff & the talk was cery factual, but felt it could maybe have been a little more engaging.

This talk was full of useful information, and covered lots of different testing from a high level. I felt it could have been a little more engaging. There was one point where the speaker asked the audience what was going to break in the code that was on the screen and I think more of that sort of interaction - for example asking the audience to think about how many different paths there are through the same block of code - would really help add some energy to the talk.

It's is always good to learn new things from developers better than you:)
Despite the fact I try to "write test first" for a while I still found few ideas how to improve.
Great talk.

Saw Ciaran talk about a similar topic at PHP UK earlier in the year and it was one of my favourite talks of that event. This talk did not disappoint either. Very clear and concise and at the perfect pace.

Another informative talk from Ciaran.

Very good content, but I felt a little bit bored at the end. Maybe the talk should be more engaging?

Anonymous at 11:09 on 21 Sep 2015

great talk about testing

Anonymous at 11:09 on 21 Sep 2015

great talk about testing

Very good overview on the different concepts of testing with good examples of how to apply them with different testing frameworks (though some examples deserve a bit more explanation for peole not being familiar with a particular framework).

As a key area that I am currently looking into at the moment to build up my knowledge on, this talk answered a fair few questions, as well as creating more.

This was easy to follow and done so at a great pace.