Hello, PSR-7


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Good background and details on PSR-7, and what it means for the future - the "PHP Power Tools" continue to grow.

Great introduction to PSR-7. Well presented and easy to follow.

This talk felt really polished and was excellently presented, focusing on what PS7 was, how and why it came about first, and then how to use it and the pitfalls too. I learnt lots in this talk and gained a new understanding of why immutability was important.

I was avoiding PS7 before today because it sounded quite a big change and was scary, now I feel much more comfortable with it and see no reason to get started straight away.

A good introduction to the history and technical background of the PSR-7 standard.

I would welcome seeing more examples of what 'middleware', or libraries are enabled with it in order to see some powerful tools and techniques that can be made available to developers. I appreciate that some of those techniques are still in development, but a talk like this can help, in its own way, to create those new works.