In this workshop we'll take a slice of a pretty standard PHP project and gradually work our way towards an application that has a better architecture. "Better" meaning that:

It will be easy to find out what the uses cases of the application are ("screaming architecture")
It will be easy to find a place for every piece of the application ("layers")
It will be easy to find out how users and other systems can interact with it ("ports & adapters")
It will be easy to provide tests and automated acceptance criteria for it ("the testing pyramid")
I'm sure you would like your project to have these properties! I'll show you all the little steps that will help you transform your application to this new level.

Requirements: This workshops is aimed at advanced developers.


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Stephan Wentz at 14:02 on 3 May 2018

Very good talk! Well explained, assignments were helpful for trying out.

That was great! Learned a lot!

Sebastian Blum at 13:26 on 6 May 2018

really good

Dirk Kredler at 08:25 on 7 May 2018

Thumbs up