Embedding Composer


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Anonymous at 12:03 on 23 May 2013

Very knowledgeable and a worthy subject to learn about. Good talk.

Good talk. The slides about why would you need to embed composer I think should be at the beginning, I wasn't really sure about particular cases to use it and I like to see real examples but maybe it was just me. Thanks

Really well presented on a deep topic, got a little too deep in the middle, I think you could spend a little more time showing it off, without getting deep down in to the internals.

Good talk, It was well explained.

A lot of really cool information in this talk. I would have liked to see the a little less information actually, and some more time spent upfront about why you've been working on this. It's very cool though, and I was impressed by the amount of in-depth knowledge you have about the innards of Composer.